Private Equity

For the majority of investors and business managers, the decision to acquire equity is a significant personal decision.  Private equity investors invest not only in business concepts, but also in people and management. Trust is, therefore, often an underlying aspect of private equity transactions.

Our private equity team sees itself as “deal makers”. Over the years, with our experience and perspectives, our team members have participated at the negotiating table in any number of positions. Our team always keeps in mind that the relationship between investors, sellers, and management is at the heart of nearly every transaction.

We regularly act in small and mid cap transactions. We know the market, market standards, and the market players. Our experience has shown that practical arrangements are less prone to disputes and misunderstandings.  n particular when representing sellers or management teams, our goal is to keep complexity at bay.

Our transaction-experienced team will accompany and advise you personally throughout the entire process, including with negotiating and drafting agreements.

Cooperating and working with auditors, tax advisors, and corporate finance advisors is an essential aspect of our service. We use a team approach when advising and representing our clients.  We work on a deal with the goal of it making financial sense for our client so that it can be implemented efficiently, also from an operating and legal perspective. Regardless of whether we are on the buyer’s or seller’s side, assuming the deal makes sense for our client, the goal is always the same – to close the deal.