Dispute Resolution

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation

Pursuing one’s rights, defending against legal claims, and analyzing risks: We are a leading law firm and the first point of contact for complex business law disputes.

Disputes with suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors, or co-shareholders are, at times, unavoidable. The stakes in such disputes, both financial and strategic, not to mention the potential reputational risks, make a smart approach to dispute resolution a central aspect of good corporate governance.

Good, and successful, litigators are knowledgeable in specialized fields. Our expertise in specific areas of the law is often the basis for winning litigation, or for presenting a tough defense in court or before an arbitral panel. Avoiding litigation or arbitration may also be an option – either through well-prepared settlement negotiations or through mediation proceedings.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution, starting from the fact-finding phase, to providing precise, strategic advice that includes a risk assessment (in terms of the chances of prevailing and the costs), to developing a well thought-out litigation strategy. Our litigators have learned their business from the ground up. This applies also to enforcing national and international damage awards.

As we have experience with the rules of all the major arbitration institutions, our experienced attorneys are available as litigators, as party-appointed arbitrators, or as arbitral tribunal chairpersons.


  • Dispute prevention, dispute resolution, dispute strategies
  • Investigating, preparing, and documenting cases
  • Assessing the chances of prevailing in court and the associated risks and costs
  • Represent clients before all German courts
  • Represent clients before national and international arbitration panels
  • Act as arbitrator or chairperson of arbitration tribunals
  • Advise and represent clients in settlement negotiations
  • Provide legal support for mediation proceedings
  • Enforce and defend all contractual and non-contractual civil law claims, in particular with respect to civil, commercial, corporate, and competition law matters
  • Advise and represent clients in compliance and forensic investigations (including with external investigators)

Representative Matters

  • Energy supply corporation in various corporate and commercial law matters
  • Ship fund investors-pool in enforcing a substantial eight-figure euro claim for damages against an international ship classification society
  • Plant construction company (in the food industry) in international arbitration proceedings before the Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCC) in Stockholm, Sweden, regarding an eight-figure euro claim for damages
  • Pharmaceutical company regarding industrial espionage claims
  • Private equity company in disputes with shareholder-managers
  • Subsidiary of a US corporation in defending it against cyber-attacks and the consequences therefrom
  • Shareholder-company in the automotive industry in vindication of IP rights actions, exclusionary actions, and damage claims
  • NYSE-listed specialty chemicals company regarding industrial espionage claims
  • French manufacturer (industrial and military computers) in enforcement in Germany of a seven-figure French damage claim
  • Middle Eastern metal processing company in enforcing six-figure euro claims in connection with a defective plant delivery against a German manufacturer
  • Defense of contractual claims from a long-term contract for the supply of silicon wafers at fixed prices (nine-figure euro amount)