Law in the Digital Economy

Digital transformation is the continued development of existing digital technology and the emergence of new digital technology, products, services, and business models. We advise start-ups, established software developers, traditional companies, public institutions as well as investors on legal issues in connection with the digital economy.

Increased cross-industry technology in the business world is the cause for new legal issues to arise, regardless of whether a company is part of the traditional real economy or directly involved with the digital economy. We tackle and explain these issues in an understandable and practical manner.

We advise companies on their digital world projects, for example by ensuring that an online store is legally compliant, including its internet and social media presence. We support our clients in developing mobile apps and marketing campaigns via social media. We also support our clients on complex IT projects, such as outsourcing, IT implementation, or establishing new sales structures.

Our various practice areas are well integrated with one another and are provided as part of a team, if warranted. We advise on the classical areas of law, such as protecting IP, including domain names and domain disputes, drafting contracts and general terms and conditions, data protection law, etc. We also advise on current developments, such as e-privacy in Europe, digital accessibility, e-contracting, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and upload filters.

We, of course, also provide support, in terms of litigation or arbitration, if a dispute should arise in any these areas.


  • Design of websites, online shops, apps, social media, including creating necessary legal notifications (e.g. data privacy statements, terms of use, contact information notices) and advice on the use of cookies and other tools as well as on technical specifications such as encryption
  • Structuring and supporting IT projects (outsourcing)
  • Preparing contracts in the context of software development, licensing and maintenance, “Software as a Service” (“SaaS”) and cloud computing
  • Designing and implementing security and IT concepts
  • Software protection in terms of copyright, patent, and licensing protection
  • Providing comprehensive advice on domain name law (registration strategies, portfolio management, defending third-party claims, including in UDRP proceedings)
  • Advising on data protection law in terms of selecting and introducing new IT systems, databases, and software solutions
  • Conflict resolution via litigation or arbitration in the context of IT/IP disputes
  • Advising on legal issues concerning current (and future) issues such as e-contracting, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence

Representative Matters

  • Ongoing advice to agencies of the State of Hesse (with more than 200 online sites)
  • Legal support to develop and operate apps for a credit agency portal, a globally active manufacturer of soft drinks to order and have delivered recipes and food and to order photo prints in drugstores, etc.
  • Ongoing consulting to one of Germany’s largest suppliers of diabetes supplies on the design of its eStore
  • Design of eStores for young companies in the areas of women’s shoes, childrens’ beds
  • Comprehensive redesign of the eStore of a German fashion label
  • Ongoing advice to an international confectionery manufacturer on domain name law
  • Draft distribution agreements involving software for a German software development company
  • Advise a US software development company on licensing software to various automobile manufacturers and insurance companies
  • Ongoing advice to an internationally active software developer