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Lothar Thür

German Attorney at Law since 1985
Certified Labor and Employment Lawyer since 1993
Mediator since 2012
Founding Partner

Languages: German, English

  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Labor and Employment Law and Civil Law Litigation
  • Executive Liability
  • Attorney Liability
  • Legal Practice and Fee Law
  • Mediation

Lothar’s practice focuses on labor and employment law, where he represents primarily either corporate employers or senior-level executives. His practice covers all facets of labor and employment law, including preparing and negotiating individual employment agreements as well as service agreements, advising on the termination of employees (both individual terminations and mass layoffs), and preparing and negotiating severance agreements. Lothar prepares and negotiates works agreements with works councils, negotiates Social Plans and Compromise Settlement Plans on behalf of management and employers, and advises management and employers on the notification and co-determination rights of works councils.

Lothar is also often involved in corporate and corporate compliance matters as they relate to human resources.

Over the years, Lothar has advised and litigated on behalf of many senior-level executives claims of personal liability. He also represents corporations with respect to claims against the corporation’s executives. These types of claims often result in D&O insurance claims. Lothar has spearheaded negotiations with insurance companies to ensure that his clients are sufficiently covered by the respective D&O policy. To the extent necessary, he also litigates such matters before German courts or resolves them through alternative dispute resolution processes.

Lothar advises and consults with attorneys regarding disputes, such as fee disputes or legal malpractice claims. For the latter, Lothar’s expertise vis-à-vis not only insurance companies, but also his skills as a mediator and as a long-standing member of the Frankfurt Bar Association’s Fee Committee, allows him to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.

Lothar has litigated matters for more than 30 years before German courts and, as a result, has vast experience in representing clients before both German civil courts and German labor courts.

Industry focus

Pharmaceuticals, Financial, Aviation, Construction, and Service Industries (e.g., business consulting firms, human resource consultants, attorneys)

  • Regularly represent corporate clients — both German and non-German — on preparing and negotiating individual employment agreements of employees as well as service agreements of managing directors and directors
  • Represent German companies on the termination of individual employees as well as on mass layoff proceedings, including the associated negotiations with works councils
  • Represent senior-level executives and corporate clients on termination and severance packages
  • Regularly represent senior-level executives on claims of personal liability, e.g., breach of duty of care, failure to observe reporting requirements; these claims often involve issues regarding D&O insurance; also represent companies in relation to liability claims against executives
  • Represented the German branch of a non-German bank on the closure of offices and the discontinuation of the branch, including the associated dealings and negotiation of agreements with the works council
  • Represent attorneys on claims of legal malpractice and fee disputes
  • Sections 611, 612-616, 620-627 BGB Kommentiertes Vertrags- und Prozessformularbuch (Civil Code Treatise on Contractual Forms and Forms for Litigation); published by Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, Germany (2nd Ed. 2014)
  • Betriebsverfassungsgesetz 2001 (Labor-Management Relations Act 2001) in Praxis Wirtschaftsrecht 2002 (Practical Business Law 2002); v.1 p.2, 2002


  • Frankfurt Association of Attorneys (Frankfurter Anwaltsverein e.V.)
  • German Association of Attorneys (Deutscher Anwaltsverein e.V.)
  • Frankfurt Legal Society (Frankfurter Juristische Gesellschaft)
  • Hessian Certified Labor and Employment Lawyers Association (Hessische Fachanwälte für Arbeitsrecht)
  • German Company for Mediation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mediation)


  • Board Member of the Bar Association of Frankfurt am Main (Vice President since 2013)

Lothar has been a German Attorney at Law since 1985 and a Founding Partner at SCHIEDERMAIR in Frankfurt since 2001. He is a member of the Labor and Employment Law Practice. Lothar’s career, spanning more than 30 years, is based on stability and loyalty. He has always practiced in Frankfurt and, prior to co-founding SCHIEDERMAIR as a Partner in 2001, he was with a firm that served as a predecessor firm to SCHIEDERMAIR throughout his career. He began practicing in 1985 with RASOR & SCHIEDERMAIR. From 1989 to 1991 he was a Partner at BODEN OPPENHOFF RASOR SCHNEIDER & SCHIEDERMAIR. This firm subsequently evolved into BODEN OPPENHOFF RASOR RAUE where he was a Partner from 1991 to 1995 and from there he was a Partner with OPPENHOFF & RÄDLER from 1995 to 2001.

Lothar studied law at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. He completed his post-graduate legal training period (Referendariat) at the District Court of Frankfurt.