Real Estate Industry

Developing, constructing, managing, and marketing real estate is a major global industry.  Because of its uniqueness, the real estate industry requires specialized know-how and a good understanding of the market and its players.  As legal advisors with many years of experience in the real estate sector, we are familiar with the customs and practices of the real estate industry.

We regularly act for German and international institutional and private investors, project developers, and companies from Germany and outside of Germany that seek to acquire and hold real estate in Germany.  We also represent companies that are interested in leasing real estate.

We advise and represent both financial and strategic clients in the purchase or sale of real estate.  We also advise and represent real estate investors with portfolio transactions, whether as asset deals or share deals, sale and lease back transactions, the financing of real estate, or the leasing of real estate.

Our expertise is complemented by the many years of experience advising on supervisory issues concerning German real estate special funds (open-ended real estate funds) – even if these funds should invest in other European or non-European countries.

Finally, our clients rely on us to negotiate and draft all types of contracts concerning the construction of real property, whether building contracts, architect contracts, general designer contracts, or general contractor agreements, as well as management contracts, e.g. heat supply contracts, contracting models, or property and facility management agreements.

If necessary, we also litigate and arbitrate on behalf of our clients on disputes that may in connection with real estate.

Representative Clients

  • Fidelity International Investments
  • CBRE Global Investors
  • Public foundation (with a focus on heritable building rights)
  • Real I.S. AG