Machinery and Plant Engineering

We have been advising and representing German and non-German purchasers and contractors for many years on drafting and negotiating machine acquisition agreements and plant engineering contracts and on resolving disputes arising in connection with plant construction projects.

We are experienced advisors and counselors for machinery and plant construction projects.  We also litigate disputes on behalf of our clients that arise from these types of projects.

Because of our long history with machinery and plant construction projects, we have a good understanding of the background for these types of projects; we also know the customs and legal issues that may arise in this industry. This applies both to German projects as well as to global projects.

German and international clients rely on our advice when drafting EPC agreements, supply agreements, general contractor agreements, or turnkey agreements, whether in Germany or outside of Germany.  For example, we advise clients in the areas of power plant construction, conveyor technology, and printing machines.  We review contracts for the procurement of complex manufacturing equipment and packaging machines and represent operators of wind farms and solar parks.

We, of course, advise in German and English and are well-versed technologically and have the know-how for the project or dispute at issue.

Representative Clients

  • Out-of-court and in-court representation of a Swiss manufacturer of conveyor systems vis-à-vis a German customer (conveyor technology in a steel plant)
  • Drafting of supply agreements for an Austrian manufacturer of electric motors for rail vehicles
  • Represent an Austrian plant manufacturer vis-à-vis its customer for the construction of a power plant in Germany
  • Drafting of EPC contracts within the context of the construction of solar and wind parks
  • Represented a Mid-East company in the metal construction industry vis-à-vis a German machine constructionist (gas production and storage systems)