Information Technology, Media and Communications

From electronics in automobiles to communicating with smartphones to pacemakers: our lives depend on reliable IT, communications technology, media technology, and the corresponding hardware and software.  Today’s world would be unimaginable without the advancements the world has witnessed over the years.  For companies, these advancements are often their lifeblood.  At SCHIEDERMAIR, we advise and represent our clients on any issues that may arise in these sectors.

We support our clients in a wide range of legal issues that may arise in the IT, media, and communications fields.  Starting with the structuring and seeing through of IT projects, we draft and negotiate software development agreements, license and maintenance agreements, and advise on innovative services such as “Software as a Service” (“SaaS”), cloud computing, and other software-related services.

Our advice is based on technical know-how that we have acquired over the years; we pride ourselves on always staying on top of developments.  Our services include advising on copyright and patent issues, licensing software, protecting software as well as on data privacy matters, data security, cyber security issues, etc.

If necessary, we also assist our clients with resolving conflicts and representing their interests before courts or in arbitral proceedings.

Representative Clients

  • On-going drafting of software-related commercial contracts for a German software development company
  • Advise a US software company on an extensive IT project with a well-known automotive supplier
  • Ongoing advice to an international software development company
  • Advise an international auditing company on implementing new IT infrastructure
  • Ongoing advice and representation of the German subsidiary of a U.S. company in the audiovisual conferencing/collaboration technology industry