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Dr. Annegret Bürkle

German Attorney at Law since 1987
German Notary since 2000

Languages: German, English

  • Corporate Transformations
  • Shareholders‘ Meetings
  • Corporate Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Cross-Border Transactions
  • Inheritance and Estate Law


Annegret prepares and notarizes documents for all types of matters. She routinely notarizes company transactions such as mergers, changes in form of entity, spin-offs, etc. Though these transactions are often purely domestic transactions, it is not unusual for them to have a cross-border aspect as these types of transactions become more prevalent in the European Union. Annegret also prepares documentation for shareholder’s meetings and notarizes them as may be required by law. Included as part of her Notary practice are M&A transactions, whether as asset or share deals. At times these transactions extend over a long time period, possibly for years at a time. For these types of transactions, clients often engage Annegret to establish a Notary’s escrow account to ensure the security of their funds. Real estate transactions and corporate housekeeping matters are also the subject of Annegret’s notarizations. Finally, she serves as a Notary for property succession and inheritance matters.

Corporate Law and Inheritance Law

Annegret has vast experience in corporate law matters, including advising on shareholder disputes, corporate reorganizations, corporate succession matters, inheritance and estate matters, inheritance disputes, preparing and amending articles of incorporation, and any related issues involving these areas of law.

  • German investment management company: cross-border merger from Italy, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and France into Germany
  • US chemical company: cross-border merger from Germany into Denmark; German mergers and spin-offs, asset sale and transfer agreements, inheritance buildings rights contracts
  • German mid-sized food manufacturer: acquisition of companies
  • German mid-sized company: real estate purchase agreements
  • German banking holding company; shareholders‘ meetings

Annegret has been a German Notary since 2000 and a Partner at SCHIEDERMAIR since 2004. She is a Member of SCHIEDERMAIR’s Corporate Law, M&A, Tax, and Notarial Services Practice. Though Annegret’s primary activity is to serve as a Notary, she also advises on corporate and inheritance matters as a German Attorney at Law. Prior to becoming a Partner at SCHIEDERMAIR, she practiced as a Partner (as of 1991) at the German law firm of PÜNDER VOLHARD WEBER & AXSTER (that merged with CLIFFORD CHANCE in 2000). From 1991 through 1993, i.e., shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she was the Partner-in-Charge of PÜNDER VOLHARD WEBER & AXSTER’s then newly-established Leipzig, Germany office.

Annegret studied law at the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt. She worked at the New York firm of CONBOY HEWITT O‘BRIEN & BOARDMAN during part of her post-graduate legal training period (Referendariat).