Attorneys (m/f/d) with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Each attorney at SCHIEDERMAIR Rechtsanwälte has acquired many years of experience at a large German or international law firm.  All of us have decided to go back to our professional roots by now advising our clients personally or in small teams.  We build long-standing relationships with our clients, regardless of whether German “Mittelstand” companies or international conglomerates.  Over the years, clients have come to appreciate our understanding of their businesses and corporate cultures.  This has created trusting relationships that form the basis for our mutual success.

We know from experience that small, but efficient, teams can achieve great success.  One basic tenet of any successful team is that information and know-how is shared so that everybody on the team is on the same page.  Every team member at SCHIEDERMAIR Rechtsanwälte is fully integrated into the work process and everybody is pursuing the same ultimate goal.

You have passed your exams with honors; you are fluent in English, ideally with a stint in an English-speaking country.  Maybe you have completed a doctoral thesis or obtained an international degree (such as an LL.M. or an MCL).

Your goal is to work as an attorney at a law firm that has corporate clients spread throughout the world?

You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to assume responsibility and have direct contact with clients?

You like a professional environment, but you do not want to spend every moment of your life just billing?

We look forward to working with you!  As of day one you will work in a small team comprising attorneys and tax advisors.  You will learn “on the job” the responsibilities of a business lawyer in an international setting.  Rest assured, you will not be confined to the back office to write memos.  You will be actively involved in advising clients, whether in person or by email, telephone, conference call, etc. You will also participate in negotiations or litigate in court.

At SCHIEDERMAIR, we advise our clients primarily in the following areas of law:

  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Corporate Law/M&A
  • Intellectual Property, IT, Distribution Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Tax Law

Maybe you already know what area interests you most.  On a step-by-step basis, you will gain experience in your area of practice.  Should you be interested in broader training, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into any number of fields of law at our firm.  We will work out a career plan with you that matches your interests and skills with our needs.

You will have a partner as a mentor.  He or she will be responsible for your training. At SCHIEDERMAIR we have an open-door policy.  You are always encouraged to ask questions and to learn.  You will soon discover that we will take the time to listen to you, even if you feel you may be in over your head on occasion.

We find that a little bit of “distance” is not always bad – our offices are not located in the heart of Frankfurt’s banking district, but instead in the “Nordend” of Frankfurt. From our offices, we have a fantastic view of the Frankfurt skyline. Frankfurt’s city core is easy to reach from our offices – either a 10 minute walk or a couple of stops via the subway that is located right in front of our offices.

At SCHIEDERMAIR you will get “on the job” training.  You will quickly assume client responsibility.  This may not always be easy, but you can be assured that your mentoring partner will know what to expect from you – and you will grow as your responsibilities grow!

Our advice to clients is only as good as we are.  We emphasize publishing in legal publications, we contribute to legal journals and treatises, and we regularly publish our own newsletters on legal topics of particular interest.  We, of course, also regularly participate in continuing legal education seminars – both as speakers and as participants.  We will also encourage you to attend seminars and conferences.  Should you be interested in qualifying as a specialist lawyer (“Fachanwalt”), you will certainly receive our support and we will plan the necessary steps with you.

In particular in the transactional arena, our clients often request a true commitment, in terms of energy and time. Naturally, we will also expect this from you. Yes, that may sound a bit demanding, but that is what our clients have come to expect from us, and that is what we will expect from you.

Working long hours, however, is not a one-way street. You will have 30 days of vacation, which we expect you to take. To be a good lawyer, there must be a healthy work-life balance. We also understand that there are other things in life that are important, other than just work.