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Angela Schilling

German Attorney at Law since  2003
Certified Labor and Employment Lawyer

Languages: German, English

  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Service Agreement Law
  • Litigation

Angela Schilling has many years of experience advising employers on labor and employment law and in representing them in litigation before German labor courts.  Angela’s practice covers all aspects of labor and employment law, in particular preparing notices of termination, advising on mass layoffs, implementing corporate restructurings, and litigating on behalf of clients. Angela also focuses on drafting and negotiating employment agreements and compensation plans.

Angela also advises both German and non-German clients on M&A transactions and transfers of businesses as well as on implementing internal company guidelines and matrix structures.

Industry Focus

Metal Industry, IT, Local Government and Administrative Agencies, Pharmaceutical Industry, Real Estate, Fashion, Private Equity, and Venture Capital

  • Restructuring and harmonizing working conditions in an international venture capital company
  • Comprehensive advice on works councils matters as well as individual employment agreements for a mechanical engineering company and affiliated companies with international operations
  • Ongoing advice to a large number of employers in all areas of labor and employment law, including litigation


  • Einsichtsrecht des Betriebsrats in Bruttoentgeltlisten: Anonymisiert „wegen Datenschutz“?, (Works Councils’ Rights to Inspect Salary Lists; Anonymized “Due to Data Privacy”?) in Der Betrieb 48/2019, p 2696
  • 13 BUrlG ist europarechtswidrig: Kurzarbeit darf das Urlaubsentgelt nicht verringern – kein Vertrauensschutz für Arbeitgeber (Section 13 of the Federal Vacation Act does not Comply with European Law: Reduced Working Time May not Reduce Vacation Pay – No Trust for Employers), with Dr. Thomas Drosdeck, Der Betrieb, 04/2019, p. 195
  • Sind Sie vorbereitet auf die Urlaubszeit? (Are Your Prepared for Vacation?) (Interview), impulse 6/2017
  • Referenzzeitraum bei der Ermittlung der Arbeitszeit ohne ausdrückliche Vereinbarung, (Reference Period when Determining Working Time Without an Express Agreement)) with Dr. Thomas Drosdeck, Der Betrieb 2017, p. 1032
  • Zu gegenseitigen Verzichtsklauseln im vorformulierten Aufhebungsvertrag (Mutual Waiver Clauses in Pre-Printed Termination Agreements), with Dr. Thomas Drosdeck, Der Betrieb 43/2016, p. 2546
  • Die Durchführung des betrieblichen Eingliederungsmanagements gemäß § 84 Abs. 2 SGB IX beim kirchlichen Arbeitgeber (The implementation of Operational Integration Management in Accordance with Section 84(2) SGB IX with a Church Employer), Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht und Tarifpolitik 2/2016
  • Minimum Wages in Germany – You Might be Affected, Too; An overview of the new German Minimum Wage Act, with Dr. Marc Spielberger, Labor Law Journal
  • Vom Streik betroffene Arbeitnehmer – Ansprüche, Optionen, Risiken (Employees Affected by a Strike – Claims, Options, Risks), Schnellbrief 14/2015, p. 105
  • Das Gesetz zur Regelung eines allgemeinen Mindestlohns (The Statute to Regulate a General Minimum Wage), with Dr. Marc Spielberger, NJW 2014, S. 2897
  • Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen?, (Easy Come, Easy Go?) with Frank Lenzen, Schnellbrief Arbeitsrecht 2014, p. 70
  • Der Regierungsentwurf zum Gesetz über die Regelung eines allgemeinen Mindestlohn (MiLoG) (The Government‘s Draft on the Regulation of a General Minimum Wage), with Dr. Marc Spielberger, NZA 2014, p. 414
  • Mitarbeiterbindung durch Sonderzahlungen mit Rückzahlungspflicht – funktioniert das (noch)? (Employee Retention via Special Payments with a Repayment Obligation – Does that (Still) Work?), Schnellbrief 16/2013, p. 125

Speaking Engagements

  • Arbeitszeit- und Vergütungsmodelle – was Sie bei Vereinbarung und Durchführung beachten müssen (Working Time and Compensation Models – What You Need to Know When Agreeing to and Implementing Them), IHK Gießen-Friedberg 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Lecturer for Labor and Employment Law at the Steinbeis-Hochschule in Berlin (2012)
  • Das Dienstverhältnis des GmbH-Geschäftsführers (The Service Relationship of the GmbH Managing Director), Unternehmenscampus 2016-2019
  • BEM und krankheitsbedingte Kündigung (BEM and Dismissal Due to Illness) 2015
  • Fragerechte des Arbeitgebers (An Employer’s Right to Pose Questions) Skyline Breakfast 2013
  • Compliance – Datenschutz versus Arbeitnehmerkontrolle (Compliance – Data Privacy vs Employee Control)
  • Umgang mit kranken Mitarbeitern – so machen Sie es richtig (Dealing with Ill Employees – How to do it Correctly)
  • Vergütungsmodelle bei Banken und Versicherungen (Compensation Models at Banks and Insurance Companies)
  • Rechte und Pflichten des Prokuristen (Rights and Duties of Corporate Authorized Signatories)
  • German Association of Attorneys
  • Frankfurt Association of Attorneys
  • German-American Lawyers‘ Association

Angela studied law at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen and the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt.  She was admitted to the German bar in 2003.  During her post-graduate legal training period, Angela gained her initial international experience at JONES DAY in Atlanta.

Angela has been a Partner at SCHIEDERMAIR since January, 2022.  She began her legal career in 2007 at JONES DAY in the Labor and Employment Law Group.  She joined the Employment Law Practice of BEITEN BURKHARDT, where she was named Salary Partner in 2010.

  • Award “Germany’s Best Lawyers” in the legal field “Employment Law”, Handelsblatt 2022
  • Best Lawyers 2022
  • Best Lawyers 2021