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Telecommunciations Law

Telecommunications Law

The importance of telecommunication and multimedia for the economy, science, culture and in the private and social life is permanently growing.  Telecommunication is the basis on which multimedia and other content related services can be provided.  At the same time, the distinction between content and telecommunication is getting more and more difficult. Keywords such as convergence, web 2.0 or cloud computing have become part of our everyday language. As many communication media exist (fixed network, mobile networks 2G/3G, satellite, wlan, internet), as different are the services available (email, internet, VoIP - Skype, messenger services, social media – Facebook) and, related to them, the legal requirements and needs. This calls for advisors who combine a profound knowledge of the technical background with understanding of the different communication industries as well as an in-depth legal know-how.

Our services include in particular:

  • Drafting and negotiating of contracts regarding telecommunication services
  • Drafting and reviewing general terms and conditions
  • Compliance matters
  • Data protection (Federal Data Protection Act; Telecommunication Act, Telemedia Act)
  • Representation in proceedings before the Regulatory Authorities, e.g. in deregulation, interconnection
  • Representation in the civil courts and administrative courts

Dr. Jörg Buschbaum, LL.M.