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Dr. Jan Dombrowski, LL.M.

Dr. Jan Dombrowski, LL.M.

German Attorney at Law since 2003
Junior Partner at SCHIEDERMAIR since 2017
Secretary and Member of the Board of the German Chapter of AIPPI

Practice Areas

  • Patent and Utility Model Law
  • Unfair Competition, Trademark and Design Law
  • Litigation and Arbitration in IP matters
  • License Agreements and Research & Development Agreements
  • Transfer of Technology

Practice Summary

  • Advising German and international companies of all sizes in patent and utility model law, in particular representing them in patent infringement proceedings before all competent regional courts and Courts of Appeal (both in main proceedings and injunction proceedings) and in parallel opposition, nullity and cancellation proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the German Patent Court and the German Supreme Court
  • Coordinating multinational infringement proceedings
  • Providing strategic advice in patent matters, including alternative possibilities for the enforcement of patent rights taking also the proposed European Unitary Patent Court into consideration
  • Special expertise in obtaining and collecting evidence for the infringement of IP rights, both in court by proceedings directed to the submission of documents or the inspection of products as well as out of court
  • Providing comprehensive advice on the drafting and negotiating of license and research and development agreements, the transfer of IP rights, and IP-related due diligence
  • Vast experience in enforcing claims in arbitration proceedings that arise from license agreements
  • Representing companies in infringement proceedings and opposition-, cancellation- and nullity proceedings in trademark and design law, in proceedings regarding unfair competition law, and in disputes relating to employee invention issues
  • Because of his extended stint in China, vast experience on how to effectively enforce IP rights in China

Industry Focus

Engineering, Automobile Manufacturing, Automotive, Electrical Engineering, Semiconductor, Medical Devices, Telecommunication & Home Automatization

Representative Client Matters

  • Representing a global pharmaceutical and medtech company in arbitration proceedings relating to license issues
  • Representing a well-known German automobile manufacturer in injunction proceedings
  • Representing a leading German high-tech company in several patent infringement and nullity proceedings
  • Representing various international automotive suppliers in patent infringement proceedings and out-of-court patent disputes
  • Representing a US electronic company in patent infringement proceedings and several nullity proceedings against a so-called patent troll
  • Preparing legal opinions in patent law for a Chinese telecommunication company
  • Representing a medium-sized corporate “hidden champion“ in extensive patent infringement proceedings, including inspection, injunctions, main and nullity proceedings
  • Representing an international control and automotive engineering company in several patent infringement proceedings
  • Representing a wind power company in extensive patent infringement proceedings, including inspection, injunctions, main and nullity proceedings
  • Advising a well-known global telecommunication company on product piracy issues
  • Representing a US medtech company in patent infringement proceedings
  • Representing a global tool manufacturer in patent and design infringement and injunction proceedings
  • Representing a US engineering company in several patent infringement and nullity proceedings
  • Representing a Belgian engineering company in patent inspection and infringement proceedings

Publications and Speaking Engagements

Selected Publications

  • “Discovery – auch in deutschen Gerichtsverfahren?“ (Discovery – Also in German Court Proceedings?), GRUR-Prax 2016, 319
  • “Auslegung negativer Patentlizenzen“ (Interpretation of Negative Patent Licenses), GRUR-Prax 2015, 149
  • “Lohnerhöhung statt Arbeitnehmererfindervergütung“ (Salary Increase Rather than Employee Invention Compensation), GRUR-Prax 2014, 504
  • “Angemessenheit vorformulierter Vertragsstraferegelungen“ (Reasonableness of Pre-Printed Contractual Penalty Provisions), GRUR-Prax 2014, 241
  • “Schadensberechnung nach der Lizenzanalogie“ (Calculation of Damages Pursuant to the License Analogy), GRUR-Prax 2013, 541
  • “Ein bisschen Patentschutz gibt es auch für Stammzellen“ (There is Also a Little Patent Protection for Stem Cells), Article in the FAZ of December 12, 2012
  • “Strengere Anforderungen an mittelbare Patentverletzung?“ (More Stringent Requirements for Indirect Patent Infringements), GRUR-Prax 2012, 543
  • “Berechnung der Arbeitnehmererfindervergütung bei tatsächlich abgeschlossenen Lizenzverträgen“ (Calculation of Employee Invention Compensation for License Agreements Actually Concluded), GRUR-Prax 2012, 13
  • “Wenn der Sachverständige zwei Mal klingelt - Probleme der wiederholten Besichtigung in Verfügungsverfahren am Beispiel des Patentrechts“ (When the Expert Rings Twice – Problems with Repeated Inspections in Injunctions Using Patent Law as an Example) in: Festschrift zum 50-jährigen Bestehen des Bundespatentgerichts, 2011
  • “Chinas neue Rechtsprechung im IP-Recht“ (New IP Case Law in China), Article in the Handelsblatt of September 20, 2011
  • “Nichtigkeitsklage bei laufendem Einspruchsverfahren unzulässig“ (Nullity Actions During Pending Opposition Proceedings are Impermissible), GRUR-Prax 2011, 353
  • “Berücksichtigung der Beschränkung eines Patents im Verletzungsrechtsstreit“ (Taking into Consideration the Limitations of a Patent in an Infringement Dispute) , GRUR-Prax 2010, 904
  • “Fehlende Deutlichkeit einer beschränkt verteidigten Anspruchsfassung“ (Missing Clarity of a Limited Defended Wording of a Claim), GRUR-Prax 2010, 709
  • “Schätzung der Schadenshöhe bei Verletzung standardessentieller Patente im Wege der Lizenzanalogie nach Orange-Book II“ (Estimation of Damage Clims Upon the Infringement of Standard-Essential Patents By Way of the Licensing Analogy Pursuant to Orange Book II), GRUR-Prax 2010, 415
  • “Rechtsschutz gegen Besichtigungsverfügungen im Patentrecht – De lege lata und de lege ferenda“ (Legal Protection Against Inspection Proceedings in Patent Law - De lege lata und de lege ferenda), GRUR 2008, 387

Selected Speaking Engagements

  • ”Consequences of the New Enforcement Directive“ at the Young EPLAW Congress on May 18, 2008 in Brussels
  • ”Patent Litigation in Germany“, Seminar for Thomson Reuters on August 29, 2011, in Shanghai
  • ”Die Bedeutung von traditionellem Wissen im IP-Recht“ (The Significance of Traditional Knowledge in IP Law) at the AIPPI Annual Seminar on April 27, 2012 in Duesseldorf, Germany
  • “The Patent System in Europe“ at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on December 5, 2012, in Nanjing, China
  • “Die mittelbare Patentverletzung in der aktuellen Rechtsprechung“, (The Indirect Patent Infringement Under Current Case Law) at IZG on November 18, 2013, in Mannheim, Germany
  • “Linking and Making Available on the Internet“ at the AIPPI Annual Seminar on May 31, 2016, in Munich
  • “Discovery – auch in deutschen Verletzungsverfahren?“ (Discovery – Also in German Court Proceedings?), held before various regional membership groups of GRUR (German Association of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law) in 2016 und 2017

Professional Memberships and Activities

  • Secretary and Member of the Board of the German Chapter of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
  • GRUR (German Association of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law)
  • VPP (Association of Intellectual Property Experts)
  • EPLAW (European Patent Lawyers Association)
  • PIZ (Patent Information Center Darmstadt)
  • DCW (German-Chinese Business Association)

Education and Career

Dr. Jan Dombrowski has been a German Attorney at Law since 2003 and a Junior Partner with SCHIEDERMAIR since 2017. He is member of the Intellectual Property Practice and specialized in patent and utility model matters.

Prior to joining SCHIEDERMAIR, Jan was an attorney at KEIL & SCHAAFHAUSEN, a well-known patent and law firm in Frankfurt, for two years and at CMS HASCHE SIGLE, a large international law firm, in Stuttgart, Germany and China, respectively, for nine years.

Jan studied law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt. He earned his Doctorate in 2004. In 2004 and 2005 he successfully completed an LL.M. Program (Intellectual Property) at the Heinrich Heine University in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Jan has been Secretary of the German Chapter of the AIPPI since 2017. Additionally, he is a Lecturer in Unfair Competition and Intellectual Property Law at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany.


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