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Alexander L. Dorf

Alexander L. Dorf

German Attorney at Law since 2012
Associate at SCHIEDERMAIR since 2012
Junior Partner at SCHIEDERMAIR since 2017

Practice Areas

  • Corporate Litigation and Business-Related Litigation
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Interplay between Corporate Law and Employment Law

Practice Summary

Corporate Litigation and Business-Related Litigation

Alexander Dorf is a member of SCHIEDERMAIR’s Litigation Practice. He represents clients both in and out of the courtroom, often in connection with injunctions. He also represents clients before national and international arbitral panels. The matters in which he is involved often relate to disputes among shareholders.

As part of his litigation practice, Alexander takes an interdisciplinary approach, meaning he works together with accountants, private investigators, etc. as the need arises. With such advisors at his side he develops an efficient and effective litigation strategy. He follows-up with this strategy by subsequently enforcing judgments on behalf of his clients. Indirectly related thereto, but just as important to the client, Alexander also gets involved in managing a client’s reputation, PR-litigation and matters related to dispute such as litigation finance and D&O insurance matters.

Commercial and Corporate Law

In addition to litigating on behalf of clients, Alexander represents corporations, as well as their management and shareholders, in such matters as shareholders’ meetings, failure to pass resolutions properly at shareholders‘ meetings, withdrawal of shareholders and disputes among shareholders (for example, the removal of shareholders or the forced redemption of shares), and minority shareholders exercising their rights. He also advises on management’s personal liability issues and issues concerning a corporation’s charter documents.

Alexander’s practice area includes all aspects of commercial and corporate law (in particular as it relates to sales representatives, service agreements, works agreements, and supply agreements) as well as matters related to commercial law (in particular labor and employment law, anti-trust law, and bankruptcy law). Alexander and SCHIEDERMAIR’s entire litigation team have unique know-how, not only of the market place but also of best practices in the market place, which allows the team to provide forward-looking and efficient agreements.

Corporate Law and M&A

Alexander advises various domestic and foreign corporations on general corporate matters (e.g., corporate housekeeping or serving as corporate “in-house” counsel; this includes day-to-day Managing Director and Managing Director’s potential personal liability issues). He represents corporate clients from the early stage of preparing for corporate transactions through the due diligence phase and subsequently the integration stage. He has a special expertise between the interplay of service agreements and employment law and corporate matters.

Representative Client Matters

Alexander has most recently advised, or assumed significant responsibility, on the following matters:

  • Defense counsel on behalf of affiliated corporations regarding a purchase price adjustment claim pursuant to an asset deal involving clinics and rehabilitation residences;
  • Litigation as plaintiff’s counsel for claims made by a Managing Director/shareholder for subscription rights and payments claims arising out of a letter of intent involving a retail entity that was to be formed in the luxury goods sector;
  • Served as defense counsel to a Managing Director of a bankrupt logistics company in various court and injunction proceedings against claims of failing to file for corporate bankruptcy in a timely manner;
  • Represent a shareholder in complex litigation in the health care sector involving a number of corporations and associated natural persons;
  • Acted as plaintiff’s counsel on behalf of a Managing Director of a mid-sized industrial company in the plant construction business to pursue salary payments in connection with a dispute involving two shareholder groups;
  • Advise and represent a majority shareholder of a leading health and wellness club in various injunctive proceedings, as well as court proceedings in connection with various shareholders and other disputes;
  • Advise a Managing Director/shareholder in a dispute with an accounting firm and subsequent representation in defending him in a purchase price adjustment dispute.

Publications and Speaking Engagements

  • Germany Chapter of “Enforcement of Money Judgments”, edited by Lawrence W. Newman, published by Juris Publishing (updated annually, most recently October, 2016), co-author with Jörg Rehder (Schiedermair)
  • Germany Chapter of “Attachment of Assets”, edited by Lawrence W. Newman, published by Juris Publishing (to be published in October, 2017), co-author with Jörg Rehder (Schiedermair)

Education and Career

Alexander has been a German Attorney at Law at SCHIEDERMAIR since 2012 and a Junior Partner since 2017. He specializes in advising clients in business matters and litigating on behalf clients.

Prior to beginning his career as an attorney, Alexander completed his post-graduate legal training period (Referendariat) at the District Court of Frankfurt from 2010 to 2011. While there, he focused on commercial and corporate law as well as on labor and employment law matters. During part of this period, he worked at Lufthansa specializing in labor and employment law.

Alexander set the groundwork for his career as a student and research assistant at a national Frankfurt-based law firm. He further developed his legal skills at the legal departments of the Deutsche Bahn AG and the Dresdner Bank AG.

Alexander studied law at the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt. Prior to that, he lived in Washington DC for three years.

Alexander regularly participates in continuing legal education programs and is currently pursuing the title of Certified Commercial and Corporate Lawyer.