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Competences Kanzlei Schiedermair

Employment law in connection with mergers & acquisitions, reorganisation and restructuring of companies

The employment aspects of mergers & acquisitions, reorganisation and restructuring of companies and creative advice on employment law issues form an essential part of our services. This includes strategic (partial) spin-offs or hive-downs, outsourcing, lease of employees and insolvency-related employment law.

  • Employment aspects of mergers & acquisitions, transformation of companies
  • Due diligence
  • Change of operations (Betriebsänderung) and restructuring
  • Negotiation of reconciliation of interests and social plans
  • Strategic preparation of transfer of operations
  • Post-merger-integration
  • Spin-offs and partial spin-offs of operating units
  • Outsourcing, in particular solving problems related to the transfer of operations (section 613a German Civil Code)
  • Mass redundancies
  • Shut-down of operations, relocation of operations or parts thereof
  • Transfer to different collective bargaining agreements, streamlining of collective bargaining agreements (Tarifwechsel und Vereinheitlichung)
  • Employment law-related crisis management
  • Short-time work (Kurzarbeit) and cooperation with job creation companies (Beschäftigungsgesellschaften)
  • Lease of employees
  • Advising intercompany temporary employment agencies (konzerninterne Personalserviceagenturen)

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Dr. Jörg Buschbaum, LL.M.