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Competences Kanzlei Schiedermair

Data protection, corporate governance und compliance

Larger companies, in particular those  doing business globally, need an elabourated compliance management which covers all relevant business processes. To ensure the trust of their clients and employees, and in order to mitigate liability risks of their directors  and officers, the design and the implementation of companywide compliance and data-managementprocesses have to be in line with cross-border legal requirements, in particular with data protection law and works council constitution law. In this area, employment law and data protection law are closely linked. In cooperation with our experts in IT and data protection law we develop bespoke systems and practicable solutions.

  • Surveillance of employees, use of Internet and email in the workplace
  • Advice on data protection in the workplace, storage and usage of personal employee data, data protection compliance
  • Cross-border data flows
  • Corporate governance
  • Professional ethics guidelines, code of conduct
  • Drafting and negotiating shop agreements

Lothar Thür

Dr. Jörg Buschbaum, LL.M.